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Orange County Bike Accident Lawyer

DeWitt Algorri & Algorri attorneysBicycles are a popular mode of transportation in Orange County. Not only are they less expensive than driving, but they are also environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, not all drivers share the road safely with bicyclists. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident, an Orange County bike accident lawyer from DeWitt Algorri & Algorri can help.

Our attorneys have over six decades of combined experience in Southern California and are well-versed in state laws and bicyclists’ rights. We represent accident victims and help them seek financial compensation for their accident-related losses. Schedule a case evaluation today to learn more.

Making a timely injury claim regarding bike accidents is critical to the success of your matter. Insurance companies often use lags in time to destroy evidence, or poke holes in the legitimacy and severity of your claim. The first few days are an important footrace against insurance companies to obtain evidence necessary for you to get justice. It’s critical for you to contact DeWitt Algorri & Algorri today at 855-WINNING (855-946-6464) or file a claim now here. Our team has handled thousands of personal injury matters throughout California 1979 – we are the BIG GUNS that other law firms call when they need an experienced and consistently successful firm.

Types of Bicycle Accidents in Orange County

Even with the proper protective gear, bicyclists are at risk of severe injury in the event of a collision with a motor vehicle. Some of the most common accidents we see include the following:

  • Intersection Accidents. When bicyclists share the road with drivers, there is always a chance for a collision at an intersection–particularly if a driver is not paying attention to their surroundings.
  • Dooring Crashes. When drivers or left-side passengers open their doors when parked without looking for bikes, there is the risk that a cyclist will be unable to stop and collide by the door. While it is unlikely the car will sustain much damage, the bicyclists could be thrown over the door and collide with another vehicle or the pavement.
  • Rear-End Collision. When a vehicle strikes a bike from the back, the cyclist is likely to sustain serious injuries. They may be thrown forward or thrown over the hood of the car depending on the speed during impact.
  • Wrong-Way Accidents. In the event a cyclist or driver is on the wrong side of the road, there is an increased risk of a crash.
  • Right Hook Accidents. Rook hook accidents happen when cars pass bikes on the cyclists’ left. When the motorist makes a right turn, they risk turning directly into the bicycle.

Consider Working With a Bike Accident Attorney

While you have the option to pursue a claim without representation from a personal injury attorney, it is important to understand the benefits of working directly with a legal team.

California law is complex, and insurance companies know how to take advantage of accident victims to protect their bottom lines. With an attorney by your side, you reduce the risk of a statement or document jeopardizing your right to a fair recovery.

A bike accident attorney will also have the resources of knowledge to fully value your claim. While you may have considered your medical bills and missed wages, did you know you can collect compensation for pain and suffering and the overall impact the accident has had on your life? A legal team will ensure all of your losses are totaled–economic and otherwise.

How to File a Claim After a Bike Accident

It can be challenging to determine where to turn after a bicycle accident. Fortunately, our attorneys are here to help. If you are looking to pursue compensation for your losses, you will need to present a strong claim that proves you were wronged. Additionally, you only have two years from the time of the accident in order to file a claim under California law, so it is important to move quickly after your bike accident to ensure your legal rights remain protected. If your injuries and damages were caused or contributed by a public entity then you have only six (6) months in which to file a claim.

When you work with an attorney, they will collect the relevant evidence needed to prove negligence on behalf of the driver that hit you. This may include witness testimony, surveillance videos and photographs, and the police statement. The earlier that information is collected, the stronger the evidence and the greater the probability of a favorable result on your behalf.

Seek Compensation With DeWitt Algorri & Algorri

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident and are considering seeking legal representation, get in touch with an Orange County bike accident lawyer. We will review your situation and help you determine how best to proceed based on your circumstances.

If you choose to file a claim, we can guide you through the process and fight on your behalf to secure recovery. In the event reaching a settlement agreement is not possible, we can explain the litigation process and help you file a lawsuit to seek an official verdict from a judge or jury. Contact a lawyer from DeWitt Algorri & Algorri at 855-WINNING (855-946-6464) or fill out our online contact form.

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