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Pasadena Truck Accident Attorneys

DeWitt Algorri & Algorri attorneysTruck accidents are incredibly common in California, resulting in hundreds of fatalities and thousands of serious injuries each year. Experiencing a truck accident can instantly change the course of your life, causing long-term medical and financial damage. For this reason, personal injury law establishes the ability to seek compensation and reduce the impact of these damages.

Recovering a fair amount of compensation can be difficult, however, leading many victims of California tractor trailer accidents to seek assistance from an experienced Pasadena truck accident attorney at DeWitt Algorri & Algorri.

Making a timely injury claim regarding truck accidents is critical to the success of your matter. Insurance companies often use lags in time to destroy evidence, or poke holes in the legitimacy and severity of your claim. The first few days after a tragedy are an important footrace against insurance companies to obtain evidence necessary for you to get justice. It’s critical for you to contact DeWitt Algorri & Algorri today at 855-WINNING (855-946-6464) or file a claim now here. Our team has handled thousands of personal injury matters throughout California since 1979 – we are the BIG GUNS that other law firms call when they need an experienced and consistently successful firm.

At DeWitt Algorri & Algorri, we advocate for the rights of victims of truck accidents in Los Angeles. We have secured millions of dollars in settlement for victims of truck accidents. For more information about how we can help your claim, consider calling DeWitt Algorri & Algorri at (626) 568-4000 today.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents in California

Nearly 5,000 deaths occur each year in the United States as a result of trucking accidents according to the United States Department of Transportation. Trucks are typically 20 to 30 times heavier than passenger vehicles, often resulting in more disastrous or deadly accidents. Some of the most common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Speeding or aggressive driving
  • Product failure or other vehicle-related issues
  • Loose cargo

There are a variety of circumstances that may result in trucking accidents in California. If the accident was caused by the negligence or recklessness of either party, it may be possible to recover compensation for the damages associated with the crash. Your actions following a truck accident are key to the success of your insurance claim and can help increase your chances of being awarded financial compensation.

What Should I Do After a Truck Accident?

Following a truck accident, it is normal to be upset and overwhelmed. The moments after a trucking accident are crucial, however, and your actions can make or break a case. After a truck accident, it is important to:

  • Seek medical attention. This is essential to the success of your claim. Even if you feel healthy, it is important to visit a medical professional and obtain documentation regarding your physical condition. This can also help prevent long-term issues that may arise down the road. Insurance companies will ask for documented evidence of your health and any medical expenses that you incurred as a result of the accident.
  • Report the accident to the police. If you seek compensation following a truck accident, the insurance company will require the police report from the incident. Reporting the crash to the police as soon as possible can only benefit your claim.
  • Collect contact information from witnesses. Witnesses to the accident may be able to help your case moving forward, so be sure to obtain their name, telephone number, and email address, for example.
  • Photograph the damage. While the police will collect photographic evidence of the accident, it can be helpful to have your own documentation of the damage. When taking pictures, be sure to view the damage from multiple angles and keep the images as clear as possible.
  • Contact a truck accident attorney. After a truck accident, it is easy to get caught up in the stress of insurance claims and settlements. From handling your medical care and managing emotional distress, there is a lot on your plate. For this reason, many people accept settlement amounts that are lower than they are entitled to.

After a truck accident, ensuring your health and wellbeing is the most important aspect. While it is necessary to act quickly, especially when filing police reports or submitting insurance claims, your health is the top priority. By delegating insurance claim negotiations to an experienced personal injury attorney, you can spend more time focusing on what matters and less time dealing with paperwork and insurance issues.

DeWitt Algorri & Algorri Truck Accident Attorneys Are Available to Help

Being involved in a truck accident can leave you feeling unsure of where to turn to for help. You may be busy handling medical, financial, or personal affairs, not leaving adequate time to negotiate your insurance claim. This is often compounded by the fact that insurance companies have a financial interest in settling claims as quickly and cheaply as possible.

At DeWitt Algorri & Algorri, we fight for victims of truck accidents, helping them rebuild their lives after an accident. Through our years of experience and our extensive knowledge of insurance law, we are better able to negotiate higher settlement amounts for our clients. You do not need to work through complicated insurance claims alone. Talk to an experienced Pasadena truck accident attorney today by contacting us at 855-WINNING (855-946-6464) to learn more about how we can help you secure financial compensation.

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