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Injuries sustained in airplane, train, light rail or bus accidents can be catastrophic due to the immense size of the equipment involved and the high rate of speed at which they often travel.

If a vehicle is owned and operated by a public entity, such as the Metro Rail or a city bus, the case is filed against that public entity. It is important to note that the guidelines for filing a personal injury claim against the government are stricter than those for filing a claim against a private party. Important differences include a shorter time frame in which to act. You must file your case within that time frame or forfeit your right to collect damages.


To be successful in complex personal injury cases against government entities, it is important to retain the services of a law firm that is familiar with the tighter deadlines and experienced in achieving the increased burden of proof. The Pasadena law firm of DeWitt Algorri & Algorri has successfully represented numerous clients and obtained multi-million-dollar recoveries in personal injury lawsuits against government entities.

We also have successfully represented clients in cases involving airplane accidents and injuries sustained on airplanes. These accidents can involve pilot error, design defects, insufficient maintenance and more. We have the financial resources and the access to aviation experts who are necessary to take on the deep-pocketed airline companies and their lawyers in these cases.

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