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Medical malpractice occurs daily and people are hurt or killed as a result. The term “medical malpractice” has become a political slogan used either by industry lobbyists, and not those who have been injured by negligence or even reckless health care providers.

We have obtained tens of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients in cases involving birth injuries, faulty diagnoses, lack of informed consent and other types of negligence. We believe, as does the law, that everybody, health care providers included, should be held to the same standard of personal responsibility as any professional and not be protected from the harm they cause. It may come as no surprise that many of those who protest against suing a doctor are the first in line to sue when something bad happens to them. These cases can involve anything such as anesthesia malpractice, birthing injuries, brain damage, improper medications and the like. We also handle those case involving psychologists, therapists and other mental health professionals who have engaged in unprofessional conduct with their patients, including those of improper sexual and financial relationships.


Elder Abuse is another variant of this type of case; however, different laws may apply. These cases often have a medical malpractice component or may involve a person who is incapacitated and not elderly. Although some cases are straightforward, more often than not elder abuse cases are quite complicated and expensive to prosecute. You need a lawyer who is an expert in the field.


Lawyers make mistakes. And when their mistakes cause a loss or harm, the law should hold them accountable. We are not afraid to sue another lawyer for the harm they cause another.

For instance, sometimes a lawyer will not bring a suit within the appropriate time, or forget to raise a certain defense. Often, the legal work performed is simply not up to par and a trial may be lost as a result. Over the years, we have represented persons and businesses harmed by their previous lawyers. As in medical malpractice cases, these cases are also expensive and hard fought.

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