How Do I Select An Attorney Lawyers in Pasadena, CA

All jokes aside, there is no shortage of attorneys in California. And there is absolutely no shortage of lawyers in California who claim they can handle personal injury cases. But here is the truth.

If you have a serious personal injury, wrongful death or insurance case, what you really need is a trial lawyer — a lawyer who is actually trained and experienced to take your case all the way to a jury trial, if necessary. Any lawyer short of that will simply not have the horsepower to get the result you deserve.

TThere are actually only a precious few bona fide trial lawyers with a provable track record — those who actually go to court to represent their clients in a jury trial. You need a sophisticated lawyer with deep financial and legal resources to win your case, not just someone who advertises on the television or on the radio. In fact, real trial lawyers are the specialized lawyers who all the other personal injury lawyers turn to in a panic, once one of their accident cases needs to go to court. By hiring a less-qualified attorney, you may jeopardize your case or risk getting a cheap settlement offer forced down your throat.

A trial lawyer, such as one who has been recognized by his or her peers with the American Board of Trial Advocates, will generally have a sophisticated investigator examine the scene to preserve evidence and talk to witnesses. A reputable trial lawyer will retain well-qualified experts early on to examine the evidence, and then will aggressively pursue the defendants in court, forcing their hands so that the case can be won with the jury. All of this takes skill, resources and a lot of money. So you better make sure you have the right lawyer. The injury lawyers at DeWitt Algorri & Algorri are trial lawyers, acknowledged by their peers. They have the reputation, experience, and resources to go all the way for you.

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